Medication Errors in Nursing Homes

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Many nursing home residents become victims of medication errors such as over medication every year. Medication errors can be lethal or cause seniors to suffer significant personal injury.

If you or a loved one has suffered due to a medication error, we strongly encourage you to contact an experienced nursing home abuse and neglect attorney right away to ensure your legal rights are protected. Our law firm includes attorneys are also doctors who can help to identify medication errors when they have occurred.

Common Types of Medication Errors in Nursing Homes

Medication errors can be caused by poor communication between doctors, nurses, and other nursing home staff. Here are some common errors that occur:

  • Overdose or not enough medication – Too little of a drug can be ineffective while too much of a drug can have serious, possibly lethal consequences. An overdose of some medication such as heparin may lead to excessive bleeding, brain damage, and death. Over-prescription of antibiotics can lead to antibiotic resistance. Over-prescription of other types of drugs can lead to physical dependency.
  • Administering the wrong medication – This can be very dangerous. Many nursing home residents are on several medications which put them at a much higher risk for adverse drug interactions.
  • Failure to identify adverse drug or food interactions – Several drugs should not be taken in conjunction with other drugs. Physicians need to know which drugs a resident is already taking before prescribing others.
  • Failure to obtain complete patient information – A resident’s complete medical history must be examined before prescribing or administering most medications.
  • Miscommunication between healthcare professionals – Poor handwriting, spelling, incorrect abbreviations, mislabeling, or confusion between drugs with similar names may contribute to medication errors.

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If you or a loved one resides in a nursing home in Phoenix, Arizona and has suffered from a medication error, please contact the experienced nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys at Cullan & Cullan, M.D., J.D. today to schedule a confidential, no-cost consultation. Our law firm includes attorneys who are also doctors who know how to fight for your rights and get the compensation you deserve.

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