Sexual Abuse of the Elderly

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Sexual abuse of the elderly is perhaps the most abhorrent form of abuse that occurs in nursing homes today. Nursing home residents have the right to be free from any type of non-consensual sexual act or harassment. However, reports of sexual abuse in nursing homes are made every year.

Sexual abuse includes any non-consensual sexual behavior forced on one person by another. This may include rape, kissing, fondling, voyeurism, exposure to pornography, or any sexually charged verbal act. Unfortunately, cognitively impaired residents may be the target of sexual abusers due to their inability to communicate or understand that sexual abuse is occurring. If you or a loved one has been the victim of sexual abuse in a nursing home, you should contact an experienced nursing home abuse and neglect attorney immediately.

Forms of Sexual Abuse in Nursing Homes

Sexual abuse in nursing homes can be perpetrated by virtually anyone including nursing home employees, other residents, or complete strangers.

  • Abuse by nursing home employees – Failure to perform criminal background checks on nursing home employees allows sexual predators easy access to vulnerable residents. If an unscreened sexual predator is hired at a nursing home that goes on to perform sexually abusive acts, that nursing home can be found negligent. Additionally, sexual abuse of residents can often be attributed to the lack of supervision of employees.  
  • Abuse by other nursing home resident – Residents often prey on each other, especially when the victim is known to have cognitive impairments which limit his or her ability to communicate the abuse to other nursing home staff. Nursing home employees need to be trained on how to identify sexual abuse. Again, understaffing, poorly trained staff, and lack of supervision can be the culprit here
  • Abuse by friends, family, or strangers – Lack of security at nursing homes can allow sexual predators entry into the facility.

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