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No one wants to have a loved one in a nursing home or other assisted living facility. Although federal and state laws require that nursing homes maintain the highest standards of safety, we know that many nursing home can be dangerous places. Nursing homes have a responsibility to their residents to make sure they are safe from mental and physical harm, are well-nourished and hydrated, and that their medical requirements are met daily. Unfortunately, all too often, nursing homes put profits over people. In fact, over half of all nursing home residents report having either suffered from, or witnessed, some form of nursing home neglect or abuse.

The Cullan family law firm includes several doctors who are also lawyers. We are lawyers with a sophisticaed understanding of medicine and law. Our firm includes Gene Cullan J.D., Ph.D., Sam Cullan M.D., J.D., Pat Cullan M.D., J.D., Joe Cullan, M.D., J.D., and Virgnia Cullan. (See bio's for each attorney) Gene Cullan, J.D., Ph.D., is Chair of the Nursing Home Litigation Unit. We have been advocates for nursing home abuse victims for over 25 years. We handle nursing home cases in Arizona, Missouri, Kansas, and throughout the United States. Both Dr. Gene Cullan and Dr. Sam Cullan are AV rated trial attorneys. Gene has been named among the Top Attorneys in Arizona. Gene and Sam have also been named as Super Lawyers in Arizona, Missouri, and Kansas.

If you believe you or someone you love has suffered from nursing home abuse or neglect, you should consult experienced nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys immediately to explore your legal options. Our law firm includes several doctors who are lawyers. We use our medical and legal educations and experience to fight for victims of nursing home neglect and abuse. We despise nuring home who put profits over people and who provide negligent or creul care to our senior citizens.

The Importance of Hiring Lawyers who are Doctors

In nursing home abuse and neglect cases, it is imperative to have lawyers who understand medicine as well as or better than they understand law. It is also important to hire lawyers who have a great deal of experience handling nursing home abuse cases. Our firm understands the complex federal and state regulations that were passed to protect the elderly. Our firm also understands the complex medical issues. We understand the duties that nursing homes owe their patients. We can read and interpret medical records and resident care plans, medication records, and fluid management orders. We know what types of physician notes, nursing notes, laboratory notes, and medication records are supposed to be in the patient’s chart. We know what duties the Nursing Home Administrator and Medical Director have to the patient. We understand what staffing is required for patient safety. We recognize the danger of delayed and improper treatment of infections.

Our knowledge of medicine, the business of medicine, insurance law, and the loopholes that insurance companies  may try to use to deny, delay, or undervalue claims allow the Cullan Family Law Firm to effectively and aggressively represent our clients. Nursing home abuse and neglect has become one of the greatest challenges Americans now face, and it is estimated that nursing home abuse will affect most of us at some point in our lives, whether it be a family member, a friend, a parent, or even a spouse.

Our lawyers have seen firsthand the horrifying results of elder abuse and neglect. According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, in a two-year period (2006-2008), over 5,000 nursing facilities were cited for almost 9,000 instances of nursing home abuse. Keep in mind, for every one case that is reported, it is estimated that five go unreported. Because long-term care of the elderly is very expensive, residents can go through all of their assets in just a matter of months. At that time, they will become eligible for Medicaid; Medicaid pays for over 90% of nursing home residents’ costs. By accepting Medicaid, the nursing facilities must follow strict government regulations that mandate patient safety. Nonetheless, substandard care of residents continues to be a growing problem.

Fighting Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

A large number of nursing home neglect and abuse cases stem from poorly-trained staff or understaffing. We believe that many nursing homes are putting profits over people, and that nursing homes are choosing to cut costs at the expense of their residents’ proper care. This is not only unjust, it is dehumanizing, and it is against the law.

We are dedicated to representing nursing home abuse and neglect victims because having seen it firsthand, we understand the pain and suffering these victims feel, and we know that they often feel helpless and intimidated at the prospect of fighting the big assisted care providers and insurance companies. We are not intimidated by these institutions and know how to fight them to get you the justice you deserve for the abuse and to help stop abuse and neglect in the future.

There are statutes of limitations (time limits) on nursing home abuse and neglect cases, so we encourage you to contact our lawyers as soon as possible. These time limits are strictly enforced by the court system, and nothing can be done if a deadline is missed.

If you live in the Phoenix, Arizona area or a loved one lives in Arizona and has suffered from nursing home abuse or neglect, or if you suspect a loved one is suffering from nursing home malpractice, please contact the experienced nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys at the Law Offices of Cullan & Cullan, M.D., J.D. today to arrange your case evaluation. We are lawyers who are doctors, and we fight nursing home neglect and abuse.

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The Arizona nursing home abuse and neglect lawyers at Cullan and Cullan M.D., J.D. includes lawyers who are also doctors. We are a for profit law firm. We use our medical expertise to more effectively represent victims of nursing home abuse. We do not practice medicine. The information provided on this web site does not constitute an attorney client relationship. For more information about the law firm, contact the Phoenix, Arizona offices of Cullan & Cullan MD., J.D. for a consultation.

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