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Nursing homes are required by federal and state law to maintain good hygiene for their residents. In addition, nursing homes must provide additional services for residents who are incapable of maintaining good hygiene for themselves. Lack of proper hygiene practices can lead to any number of medical conditions, and a diminished quality of life for a resident. Poor hygiene may also be an indicator of more serious abuse and neglect that is occurring at the nursing home.

Common Conditions caused by Poor Hygiene

Several illnesses and diseases can be the direct result of inadequate hand washing, dental care, bathing, and general cleanliness. Here are just a few:

  • Infectious disease – The risk of contracting influenza, colds, and other contagious diseases and infections can be significantly diminished by hand washing and other hygienic practices. Contagious disease is a huge concern in any communal living environment, especially nursing homes. Nursing home residents are particularly susceptible to respiratory infections. Common colds and similar diseases can quickly develop into pneumonia and other deadly illnesses.
  • Skin conditions – Improper bathing can lead to bacterial infections of the skin and can exacerbate decubitus ulcers (bed sores). Overweight and immobile patients are especially vulnerable. The presence of a skin infection may be the first sign of substandard care.

Beyond these conditions, good personal hygiene is essential to our self esteem, sense of well-being, and our acceptance by others. Furthermore, maintaining good personal hygiene is beneficial for others as it helps prevent the spread of disease.

While poor personal hygiene may seem like a minor issue compared to more egregious forms of abuse and neglect that occur in nursing homes, it is not. Poor hygiene is a hazard to not only the individual resident, but to all other residents as well.

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