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How to Stop Nursing Home Abuse: 11 Ways to Identify Elderly Patient Suffering and 7 Must-Ask Questions

It is an immense decision to place a loved one in a nursing home. When your elderly family member does not need to be in a hospital but no longer can care for herself or himself at home, a nursing home may be the right move.

When you and your family move an elderly loved one into the care of a nursing home there are specific things to look for to ensure your loved one is safe, not suffering abuse.

Every time you visit your loved one look for the following signs or symptoms of abuse:

  1. Bedsores or Pressure Sores
  2. Bruises or Other Signs of a Fall
  3. Broken Bones
  4. Dehydration
  5. Weight Loss
  6. Wandering
  7. Fecal Impaction / Constipation
  8. Errors or Excessiveness of Medication
  9. Sexual Abuse
  10. Use of Restraints
  11. Physical Abuse

Ask Enough Questions

Your loved one may feel ashamed and not immediately tell you about any nursing home abuse. It is important to ask specific questions to determine the safety of your elderly loved one.

  1. Is your loved one comfortable?
  2. Has your loved one been receiving their medication every day? Have there been any additional medications you were previously unaware of?
  3. How has your loved one spent their day?
  4. If your loved one is wheelchair or bed bound, how often has someone helped them change positions?
  5. Is your loved one particularly anxious around any particular caregiver?
  6. Has your loved one had regular bowel movements?
  7. Has your loved one been restrained?

Pay attention to what is said in response to these questions and keep asking them at every visit. The nursing home staff should keep you updated on any condition change your loved one experiences. You may discover information by asking questions which was not initially reported by a caregiver. Caregiver cover-ups are a sign of abuse.

If you have concerns about the care of your elderly loved one contact us today. For us, it is critically important to stop nursing home abuse and start seeking proper care and justice for your loved one!


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